When Your Faith is Under Fire –  Part 3 – Persevering Bravely


14 When the king heard this, he was greatly distressed; he was determined to rescue Daniel and made every effort until sundown to save him.

15 Then the men went as a group to King Darius and said to him, “Remember, Your Majesty, that according to the law of the Medes and Persians no decree or edict that the king issues can be changed.”

16 So the king gave the order, and they brought Daniel and threw him into the lions’ den. The king said to Daniel, “May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!”

17 A stone was brought and placed over the mouth of the den, and the king sealed it with his own signet ring and with the rings of his nobles, so that Daniel’s situation might not be changed.”  Daniel 6:14-17 NIV

Now that the King Darius realizes Daniel will be punished for his own stupidity, Darius is distressed.  He was determined to rescue Daniel, but did not have the authority to do so.  The decree could not be changed.

As a result, King Darius gave the order to throw Daniel into the lion’s den.

When the pressure was on, this was Daniel’s response.

Daniel did not put his trust in the king to save him, but in the King of Kings. 

Daniel lived his life fully surrendered to God.  Because he saw that God was faithful when he was younger, he knew he could still trust God as he aged and grew older.

We don’t have a king like Darius to put our trust in (thankfully), but as believers, there are many other things we can put our trust in to save us.  Maybe we think we will be saved by our retirement accounts, job security, or relationships.  May that not be the case.  Put your trust in the King of Kings to save you… in this life and the next.

The word from this devotion is to persevere bravely.  Keep on keeping on with Jesus.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  Don’t put your trust in the fading things of this world, but in the King of Kings.  Don’t put your security in your retirement account, put it in Jesus.  Don’t place your hope in the government, but in the Son of Man.  Don’t find your identity in your job, find it in Christ.

Empower me to keep on keeping on with Jesus.  Give me strength when I am weak.  Give me courage when I am afraid.  In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ty Tamasaka is an author who hold a Master of Arts Degree from Pacific Rim Christian University in Christian Ministry  He is a Bible teacher who loves to encourage people to enjoy Jesus’ grace and extend His Kingdom. Ty just released his new book More than a Conqueror: 5 Pathways to Personal Revival.    


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