Recovering from a Wipeout – Part II – Song of Songs 6

Recovering from a Wipeout – Part II 



We are continuing with Solomon and Shulamith after their fight in marriage.  In the last devotion, we learned from Shulamith what a wife can communicate to her husband to build him up.  We’ve seen how important it is for a woman to speak life to her husband.  In this devotion, we discover what a husband needs to communicate to his wife.  In my most challenging of times in marriage, I need to remember the to communicate following to my wife if I hope to recover from a marriage wipeout.

What does a Husband Needs to Communicate to His Wife

1 – You capture my heart


You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling,
as lovely as Jerusalem,
as majestic as troops with banners.
Turn your eyes from me;
they overwhelm me.”
  Song of Songs 6:4-5 NIV

Men, we may lose the romantic edge when we get married, but just as we need to understand that romancing our wives requires TRAINING and not just TRYING.  My wife loves to be romanced.  I’ve told her that I am “trying” to do better on many occasions.  What I am learning these days is that wooing my wife is more about TRAINING TO DO THE RIGHT THING rather than TRYING TO DO THE RIGHT THING.  I need to discipline myself and work hard in training to be a husband that speaks life to her, more than I need to try harder.

While we understand that if we had decided to run a marathon, we cannot just “try” to run and expect to complete it.  We need to get up and train… and train… and keep on training.  If we can invest the time to train for sports or work, how much more do we need to train to be great husbands?

2 – You capture my eyes… just like when we first met.

“Your hair is like a flock of goats
descending from Gilead.
Your teeth are like a flock of sheep
coming up from the washing.
Each has its twin,
not one of them is missing.
Your temples behind your veil
are like the halves of a pomegranate.” 
Song of Songs 6:5-6 NIV

It is important to remind your wife that she is STILL beautiful to you today.  Husbands need to remember that our wives ARE our standard of beauty.  Your wife should continually capture your eyes.

3 – You are the only woman I want

“8 Sixty queens there may be,
and eighty concubines,
and virgins beyond number;
but my dove, my perfect one, is unique,
the only daughter of her mother,
the favorite of the one who bore her.
The young women saw her and called her blessed;
the queens and concubines praised her.
  Song of Songs 6:8-9 NIV

Wives need to be swept off their feet BY THEIR HUSBANDS.  Husbands need to recognize that any romance your wife receives MUST come from you and no one else.  That means we as husbands need to train ourselves to show our wives that she is the only woman we want.

Recovering from a wipeout in marriage is NOT easy.  It is not natural top speak life when you don’t feel like doing it.  It requires the swallowing of pride and the giving up of selfish desires.  It requires work and it requires constant training.  The stories that you will tell tomorrow, are being made in the decisions you make today.  Make the decision today to be intentional about recovering from the wipeouts in your marriage.

Holy Spirit may I be the husband that You created me to be.  Help me to communicate love to my wife so that when we have our challenges and valleys, we will be able to stand fast and endure together.  Amen.   



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