What’s your crown? – Philippians 4


What’s your crown?

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!” Philippians 4:1 NIV

In the previous chapter, Paul puts down all of his worldly accolades. Here he identifies his “joy” and “crown.” Paul reveals what he takes pride in as he continues writing to the church in Philippi. Paul recognizes his reward and crown as people who are following God and standing firm with Him.

When he speaks of a crown, the term Paul uses is the Greek word that describes what was given to an athlete who had won a race. The crown Paul speaks of is a crown of achievement, and not the crown of royalty or a king. He identifies his prize for running with endurance the race with God and being faithful to serve Him regardless of the circumstances, are seeing and helping people “stand firm in the Lord…” Paul valued the creation and establishing of disciples of Jesus Christ.

What is my crown?

Paul shows me that it is always important to ask myself, “What is your crown?” Too many times I strive to get the latest technology. Other times in ministry, I strive for numbers and attendance. Paul says that my crown ought to be in helping people “stand firm in the Lord.”

In the end, houses, cars, facilities, computers, ipads, incomes, retirement nest eggs, and even our bodies will fail us, but souls won to Christ will not. Do I live place more value in the things I get, or in the people I can reach? Another question I need to ask is…

What would my wife and kids recognize as my crown?

I also need to ask, “What do I communicate to my family is my crown?” What do my wife and kids think my priorities are? Would they look at my life and recognize that I see people growing with God is important? I might be able to convince myself that I have a passion for discipleship, but in asking this question, reveals where my real priorities are. Do those closest to me see that I have a strong value in encouraging people to “stand firm in the Lord?” I hope that my family would be able to recognize that I strive to encourage them to “stand firm in the Lord.”

Holy Spirit there are far too many times that I have chosen to live for me. Empower me to turn from my crowns of this world and from finding my rewards in my belongings. I turn to You Lord Jesus. Renew my heart to value the creation of disciples more, and the accumulation of “stuff” less.


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