Is Jesus your steering wheel or is He your spare tire? – Genesis 23

Is Jesus your steering wheel or is He your spare tire? 


“50 Laban and Bethuel answered, “This is from the LORD; we can say nothing to you one way or the other. 51 Here is Rebekah; take her and go, and let her become the wife of your master’s son, as the LORD has directed.”

52 When Abraham’s servant heard what they said, he bowed down to the ground before the LORD. 53 Then the servant brought out gold and silver jewelry and articles of clothing and gave them to Rebekah; he also gave costly gifts to her brother and to her mother. 54 Then he and the men who were with him ate and drank and spent the night there.

When they got up the next morning, he said, “Send me on my way to my master.”

 55 But her brother and her mother replied, “Let the young woman remain with us ten days or so; then you[e] may go.”

 56 But he said to them, “Do not detain me, now that the LORD has granted success to my journey. Send me on my way so I may go to my master.”

 57 Then they said, “Let’s call the young woman and ask her about it.” 58 So they called Rebekah and asked her, “Will you go with this man?”

“I will go,” she said.

 59 So they sent their sister Rebekah on her way, along with her nurse and Abraham’s servant and his men. 60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her,

“Our sister, may you increase
to thousands upon thousands;
may your offspring possess
the cities of their enemies.”

61 Then Rebekah and her attendants got ready and mounted the camels and went back with the man. So the servant took Rebekah and left.”  Genesis 23:50-61 NIV

Is Jesus your steering wheel or is He your spare tire? 

A steering wheel is what determines the direction the car goes in.  If the steering wheel is turned to the right, the whole car turns to the right.  If the steering wheel turns to the left, the whole car turns to the left. 

A spare tire stays hidden away, only to be used in case of emergency.  A car can run perfectly fine without a spare tire, unless something goes wrong.  A spare tire is hidden behind or under the car and is needed only when one of the other tires goes out.  A spare tire may is only called upon when other options fail and it is only needed during a crisis, but otherwise, it is there “just in case.”  

Again, is Jesus your steering wheel or is He your spare tire?

The reason this question is important to answer is because throughout the bible, those who made the greatest impacts were those whom God was their steering wheel, and not their spare tire!  Is Jesus the one I turn to for direction in making decisions, or is He the last resort I turn to in times of despair and distress?  Is He the living, breathing, God who created life and conquered death, or is He a religious ornament or symbol that is only to be used in case of emergency?  Is He the first one I turn to be led by or is He my last resort in times of crisis?

God was surely Rebekah’s steering wheel.  When the Lord’s will became known to Rebekah and her family by Abraham’s servant Eliezer, Rebekah’s family encourages her obedience to God.  Still, they wanted her to wait and spend time with them before moving into God’s plan for her life.  Someone once said the following regarding waiting to be obedient to what God has said: 

“If the world does not succeed in persuading the believer to abide in the world, it will seek to delay his exit . . . When you decide to go with the Lord, the world will applaud your devotion but will say, ‘Don’t rush. Abide a few days, at least ten, and then go.’” (Barnhouse)

Because God was her steering wheel, Rebekah decided not to hesitate in following God.  No holding back.  No hesitation.  No retreat.  She understood that God judges us according to our faithfulness.  This is important to remember because God doesn’t judge us according to how large our churches are or how many people show up on the weekends.  God doesn’t judge us by how much retirement savings we acquire, how high up the corporate ladder we go, or by how much real estate we own.  He doesn’t judge us according to how nice other people think we are.  He judges us according to our faithfulness.  Rebekah was given the choice to step into God’s best immediately, or to wait.  She was found faithful to step out in radical obedience to God, because she understood God to be her steering wheel and not her spare tire! 

Rebekah had an amazing total willingness to leave all to be with a bridegroom she had never met or seen.  God was not her last resort in times of crisis!  He was the one she turned for FIRST for direction and leading!

Is Jesus your steering wheel or is He your spare tire? 

I pray Lord that I have the boldness, aggressive obedience, and trust in You that Rebekah did.  May You Lord not be my spare tire, but my steering wheel all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.     


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