Being a Superhero for God

Being a Superhero for God

7By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.”

In Hebrews, the author gives encouragement a small group of persecuted believers who were ready to give up on their faith in Jesus.

To bring some comfort and encouragement, the author turns to a number of Old Testament heroes who needed to exercise their faith even when it did not make sense and when they didn’t know what the outcome would ultimately be. One of the stories that the Hebrews pastor writes about is the story of Noah. Noah’s shows me about what it is like to be a dad that works hard to see that his family is saved. He shows me some great lessons on what it means to be a real man of God.

A man of God stands between his family and the Day of Judgment.

It is important to recognize that he continued to do what God told him to do even though it made sense to no one else around him. He understood what it meant to be a man of God and to stand up for his family despite the naysayers. There is no doubt that his friends thought he went nuts. I’m sure at some points, his wife and kids thought he was crazy too. Why wouldn’t they? After all, Noah was an old man building a giant boat in the middle of a desert. Sounds pretty schitzophrenic and crazy if you ask me.

Noah didn’t put his trust in what society told him.

Noah didn’t place his trust in the weather reports.

Noah didn’t put his trust in what made him feel best.

Noah didn’t put his trust in his 401K.

Noah didn’t put off his responsibility to lead his family in such a way that they would be fully prepared for the Day of Judgment. He heard God’s leading for his family, placed his full faith in God, and acted on it with a reckless abandon! Noah did everything he could, with all the resources he had, to be sure that his family would be saved. Am I putting all of my resources and energy to be sure that my family will be saved when Jesus returns?


A man of God puts actions to his faith.


A man of God acts out of the fear of the Lord.  

Having the fear of the Lord and fearing the Lord are two entirely different things.   Although he had the fear of the Lord, he did not fear God.   Let me explain…

Fearing God means that I am afraid to be in His presence.   It is like in the book of Genesis when Adam and Eve sinned and God came to the garden.   He called to Adam and Eve, but they hid from Him because they were afraid of God.   They knew they had done something wrong.   They were convicted by their conscience, and they were afraid to be in God’s presence.  Having the fear of the Lord means that I am afraid to be AWAY from His presence. Noah acted “in holy fear”.  

Noah was not afraid to be in God’s presence. He heard God speak and he obeyed. He was afraid of God’s absence. Noah, like David, had a greater fear of the absence of God, than the fear of the presence of God.

Noah teaches me today that real faith in God requires that I stand for my family and pray them into the Kingdom, I put my faith into action, and I operate out of the fear of the Lord.

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