God’s Design for Marriage – A Word to Wives

God’s Design for Marriage – A Word to Wives


“18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”  Genesis 2:18

I am so grateful that God said it is not good for man to be alone.  Surely it is not good for Ty to be alone.  I know that does not sound politically correct, and I don’t mean to offend, but it is biblically correct to say that the wife is the helper for her husband. God said that He would make a helper for man, and that was a woman.  God’s design for wives, is to be a helper for their husbands.

Am I saying that husbands are superior to their wives?  No.  Am I saying that the husbands are better?  Of course not!  First of all, the bible defines the roles we play and the roles are simply that, our God given roles.  On a football team, there is a quarterback and there are wide receivers.  The quarterback makes the calls and passes the ball and the wide receiver catches it.  They have different roles, but they play on the same team.  Too often we forget in marriage that though husbands and wives play different roles, we are on the same team!  In “The Authority and Responsibility of Husbands”, we discovered that God’s role for the husband is not only to take authority, but also to take responsibility for that authority. 

Today, we see that the role of the wife is to be her husband’s helper.  Here is the application that Genesis 2:18 brings out for wives today.  Wives, do you help your husbands or do you hinder him.  Are you the wind beneath his wings or the pain in his behind?  Are you in the position where you will help him to stand and to be the man of God that Jesus wants him to be, or are you dragging him down and hindering him from following God fully?

What if he is trying to claim the authority in the household, but is not taking the responsibility?  Help him to understand the responsibility he has.  Not by nagging him, but by speaking life to him.  Don’t tear him down and hinder him because of the mistakes he makes, build him up and tell him what he does well and how you admire him and value him.  Wives need to know that their husbands are becoming what they say of him.  If they nag him, tear him down, and tell him what he is not, he will become less of what she wants him to be, because no matter how he acts or what he says, his wife’s opinion of him matters more than anyone else’s.  If a man’s wife does not believe in him, he will not believe in himself. 

In the way that a woman wants to know if her husband loves her today, he wants to know if she believes in him today.  

If you are single, are you ready to help your future husband to be whom God created him to be?  Are you a helper for your husband to build him up or are you there to hinder him and to tear him down?  Do you encourage him to be better or do you discourage him by speaking down to him?  Do you help him lead you and your family in a godly way, or do you fight against him as he tries to lead you?  God established the home where the husband will be the leader and the wife will submit to the leadership.  Again, I understand this is not politically correct, but it is biblically correct.  Of course, God did not call women to be doormats for their husbands to walk all over, but He did call men to stand up and to be the leaders of the home by following and honoring Christ with all of their hearts.  Wives, are you helping your husband to be the best man of God that he can be, because if he is, you will be married to a mighty man of God.   

Lord help me to live in such a way that would grow my wife into the helper that You created her to be.  Amen. 


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